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  Are you planning a special wedding? How about a genuine & very unique Japanese wedding ceremony? Dressed in the traditional way, the bride will be like the Japanese princess in “Junihitoe” and the groom will look like the emperor in “Shikifuku-Sokutai”, the official clothing style of the emperor family.

The elaborate dressing preparations take place in a traditional house (Shinnoyashikiato) where the emperor families have lived for many generations. The wedding ceremony will be held at Kamakura’s most famous shrine, the “Turugaoka Hachimangu”, which is only a 3 mins walk from the house.

For 98 years the former Japanese government was situated right next to that house (Wakamiyaojibakufukyuseki). During that timespan, the Shoguns of the emperor family governed Japan for 81 years.
TEL +81(0)467-23-8078

KIMONO RENTAL(4hours Rental)-Fee for kimono rental includes the fees for kimono, fancy goods and dressing. You have a choice from our "Real Silk " KIMONO collection (KOMON/HOUMONGI style kimono are available). Underwear/TABI(socks) for kimono are not included.
Rental hour extension will be available with additional fee(1,000yen/h)

KIMONO RENTAL(4hours Rental)
KOMON 6,800yen/Person
HOUMONGI 15,000yen/Person
Please use our service for your special day dressing.(such as wedding, party, tea ceremony etc.

Reservation required
・It is also possible to join insurance worrying about the stain, damage and the loss.
・It becomes a rain, we will lend the rain court(for kimono), or it is also possible that it enjoys indoors with powdered/green tea & wagashi(separately charge) after dressing.


・It is about 20minutes in the JR Yokosuka Line from Yokohama, about 50minutes from Tokyo.
・It is 8 minutes on foot from Kamakura Station.

生涯学習・服飾文化・生活文化 学習研究所
場所:神奈川県鎌倉市雪ノ下 1-11-21
TEL:0467-23-8078 FAX:0467-23-7385
きもの文化研究 煎茶道師範
元泉 伎美子(もといずみ きみこ)